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The review

The review  

Open Company Scientific and Technical centre "Viria Ltd" is organized in 1992 by workers of Institute of Physics of National Academy of Sciences in Ukraine (Kiev).


Our basis specialization is the development of diagnostic devices, specialized software and new methods in various areas of science. In our company work experts of physics, chemists, physicians, programmers and the designers who are capable to solve any essential and unusual problems of the applied work. We pay special attention to development of new diagnostic approaches in the field of medicine and ecology wich enable each person to have objetive information about his or her organism and environment.


Our main priorities are our clients and their needs. It allows us to have leading position in the fields of scientific and technical and information services, and also provides us with clients' trust and respect.



Retrospective review of the activity of the centre:  
  • In 1992 begun the production of the first Ukrainian device for measurement of the content of radionuklides in a body of the person- Spectrometer of radiation of the person "SRP - Viria" (the Patent for the invention 28169 A).

  • 1992-1994. More than 40 devices work in the medical centers of Ukraine, "SRP - Viria" is established at the Chernobyl atomic power station, at the Republican center of radiation medicine in Byelorussia.

  • 1992-1998. Scientific and Technical centre "Viria" conducts under the contracts with the enterprises inspection of the level of radionuclide pollution of people in different regions of Ukraine.

  • 1992-1995. More than 10 000 residents of Kiev underwent the radiological inspection.

  • 1994. "Test of definition of the processing speed of the visual information", ecologically dependent "Test of personality accentuation", combined "Verbal test of social type definition + nonverbal test-BEST" were developed for Institute of physiology of National Academy of Science in Ukraine.

  • 1995. Scientific and Technical centre "Viria" opened medical department which deals with problems of prevention of "ecological diseases". The center made close contacts with Ukrainian manufacturers of biologically active additives.

  • 1996. Computer program “Test of the Balanced Diet" which allows to estimate the quality of nourishment of the person and conduct its scientifically-proved correction was developed in VIRIA . It becаme one of basic programs of individual preventive maintenance.

  • 1998-2000. Scientific and Technical centre "Viria" took part in the joint Ukrainian-Belarusian project "Reference methods of clearing of organisms of children who live in radioactive-infected regions".

  • 1999. Scientific and Technical centre "Viria" published the first Ukrainian collection «Ukrainian biologically active food additives».

  • 1999. The centre began development of methodical software of a new roentgen -fluorescent analyzers "ElvaX-med", "ElvaX-Aqua", "ElvaX-eco". These devices were designed for the express-analysis of element composition of biotests, definition of water quality, definition of the content of heavy metals in various environments.

  • 1999. For the first time in Ukraine Scientific and Technical centre "Viria" conducted diagnostics of the macro-and microelement content in an organism on the basis of definition of macro-and microelement content in hair. Medical branch of Scientific and Technical centre "Viria" provided people with the complex program of prevention and treatment of diseases which includes definition of the level of heavy metal, radionuclide, pesticide contamination of an organism, diagnostics of mineral exchange disturbance, quality estimation of individual nourishment, individual program of clearing of an organism and correction of metabolic derangements.

  • 1999. Scientific and Technical centre "Viria" became cofounder and the organizer of annual International exhibition of treatment-and- prevention food stuffs «Nourishment and life. XXI century».

  • 1999 - 2001. Scientific and Technical centre "Viria" participated in the project UNTTS "Development of sorbitizing methods of clearing of radioactive wastes and wastewater".

    2000. Scientific and Technical centre "Viria" published the collection "Biologically active additives and bioproducts".

  • 2000. Jointly with the medical and research organizations of Ukraine Scientific and Technical centre "Viria" conducted scientific work on studying the role of microelements in development of diseases among people and animals.

  • 2000. The first automated complex in the CIS "EKOVJU - 01" was presented on stand "Ukraine-2000" at an annual industrial exhibition in Hanover.

  • 2000. The method of measurement of a mass fraction of chemical elements in hair with the help of roentgen -fluorescent approach is developed and approved. (MVI № 081\12-4502-00 from 21.07.00, certified by the Ukranian state НПЦ of standardization, metrology and certification of UkrTSSM, coordinated with the State sanitary-and-epidemiologic service of Ukraine - the Decree № 8 from 5.10.2000).

  • 2000. "The first Ukrainian center of MAH - diagnostics" is organized using the facilities of Scientific and Technical centre "Viria".

  • 2001-2006. The centers of MAH -DIAGNOSTICS are opened in Bulgaria, Georgia and two more centers are opened in Ukraine.

  • 2001-2002. Jointly with Institute of applied optics of NAS of Ukraine participated in development of lazer - emissive spectrometer for the analysis of content of organic environments and alloys.

  • 2002-2005. Jointly with Institute of physics of NAS of Ukraine designed the portable ultra-violet spectrometer for research of vitamin D synthesis in natural conditions.

  • 2002-2005. Jointly with Institute of clinical pathology in Lvov conducted the works on studying of actual influence of the heavy metals that penetrate into an organism of the person through respiratory apparatus.

  • 2005. The subminiature fibre-optical spectrometer of visible range was developed.

  • 2006. The technique of definition of microelement content of blood plasma by a roentgen -fluorescent method was developed.

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