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ТRD - аnalysis

What is TRD test?


In the center "Viria" the computer program " Test of rational diet " was developed. It is based on the method of interrogation that is accepted all over the world. The diet of each person for three usual days (without banquets and special diets) describes the basic tendencies of his or her nourishment. There is no necessity to make calculations every day. It is enough to establish once the basic deviations from the accepted norms. For this purpose you have to write down in the questionnaire the list of all products eaten for a day. The questionnaire is input to a computer, and the program calculates quantity of calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and other important components of food (about forty) which were in an organism. Such kind of analysis will show, whether you eat enough vegetables and fruits as for your age and style of your life. You can find out how much cholesterol, sugar, fat (animal and vegetative) you have in your diet. Then the most important part begins. Results are estimated by the dietician who by means of the same program improve your diet, adding some products, and cutting down quantity of others. TRD test allows to optimize your nourishment taking into consideration your tastes, your health and your financial opportunities.

Very good results for correction of disbalance of minerals are given with the help of joint usage of ТRD-‑test and MAH-diagnostics.

TRD analysis is the universal test of definition of an actual feed of the person. With its help we have the opportunity to receive the detailed information about quantitative content of the main nutrients in consumed food stuffs. To estimate the general orientation of feed according to protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin, microelement and amino-acid content. To select or improve a diet of the person taking into consideration his or her age, sex and work. The test allows to define disbalance of nourishment which can be a risk factor in development of pathology, develop balanced diet for any period of time.

The databases that contain 364 basic products and 125 dishes are used for calculation.

The estimation of a diet is carried out according to 77 nutrients that include:



                                               8 essential amino-acids,

                                               10 nonessential amino acids,


                                               fatty acids,

                                               carbohydrates-sugar, starch, pectins, dietary fiber,



                                               vitamins- A, betta-carotin, E, C, B1, B2, B6, PP, biotin, folic acid, pantothenic acid,

                                               microelements - К, Na, Са, Mg, P, Cl, S, Fe, Cu, Zn, I, Co, Mn, Cr, Se, F,

                                               acid-base balance,

                                               cereal units.


To carry out the test you have to fill the questionnaire within three days - 2 working days and 1 day off.

(The form of the questionnaire can be printed out in  MS Word format) or (in JPG format 1page     2 page)

It better to add information after each time when you ingest food so that the results were reliable.
As a result of carrying out the test you will get information about:

· Energy consumption with norms of metabolism, heaviness of work taking into consideration sex and age  

· Percentage of proteins and fats differentiating animal and vegetative  

· соntent of fats, and also content of saturated, mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids

· Provision of vitamins and minerals  

· Estimation of a biomass index.


The final decision is made by skilled dietician according to the results of the analysis.



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